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A reusable PCR-like device

Doctor Vida is a portable, handheld device for isothermal nucleic acid amplification of viral genetic biomarkers.

It is operated from any smartphone in a clinical or research setting, but also at home, at the office, etc.

The validated sample types include nasal or nasopharyngeal swabs, collected in any viral preservation medium.

There is almost no sample preparation, other than collecting the swab sample into the resuspension medium and pipetting a few ul of the sample into a single-use reaction tube, a 5-10 minute preparation time. No RNA extraction and purification is needed.

Doctor Vida is a multi use pocket analyser that runs single samples, with low risk of contamination

Storage of these tubes requires refrigeration, and only a small time is needed to equilibrate to room temperature.

Time to result between 20 and 50 minutes max, and delivered directly to patient’s smartphone.

After running for a period of 20 - 50 min, depending on the viral load, the isothermal PCR will detect viral RNA in the test tube if present, by targeting its N gene and amplifying it exponentially. This will be reported as a positive result. If no virus is present the device will report a negative test result.

The higher the specimen’s viral load, the sooner the CT will be triggered. By sending the PCR data to the smartphone by bluetooth, a graph will will show the intensity of amplification, or no amplification of the N gene inside the tube.

Doctor Vida mobile app

Doctor Vida mobile app

Your benefits

icon time
Results in 20-50 min
Simple to use and really fast to deliver results
icon archer
98% Accuracy
High accuracy of 98%
icon connection
Pair your smartphone
Small device that pairs with any smartphone
icon snap
Easy to use
Easy to use, following Doctor Vida’s app instructions

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How it works

icon 1. Collect the Sample
icon 2. Re-suspend the swab in the viral preservation tube and stir gently for 5 minutes
icon 3. Download the app or open the app on your smartphone
icon 4. Pair your phone to the Pocket PCR device
icon 5. Transfer 10ul of sample directly to the test tube and follow the app instructions
icon 6. Wait 20-50 mins for the results on the smartphone, shown either as “detected” or “not detected”

Diagnostic assays
Comparison of our different COVID-19 diagnostic assays

Rapid Doctor Vida PCR-like self-testing
icon nasal_swab icon poc icon rna icon temperature icon home icon facilities icon price_28 icon time_20_50_mins icon ruo icon phone
Rapid Doctor Vida PCR-like clinical testing
icon nasopharyngeal_swab icon poc icon rna icon temperature icon hospital icon pharmacy icon price_28 icon time_20_50_mins icon ceivd icon phone
Laboratory RT - PCR test
icon nasopharyngeal_swab icon shipping icon rna icon temperature icon hospital icon microscope icon price_78 icon time_12_24_hrs icon ceivd

Test starts with a nasopharyngeal swab

Test starts with a nasal or saliva swab

Point of Care test, directly from crude sample

Sample must travel to central laboratory

Test uses SARS-COV 2 viral proteins as biomarker

Test uses viral RNA genes as biomarkers

Reagents stored at -20C

Reagents stored between 4-14C

Test can be performed at home

Test is performed at clinical setting

Test can be performed at pharmacy

Test can be performed at working facilities

Test needs expensive equipment

Test results delivered to the smartphone including digital reporting


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